New Year’s Corporate Event with Aurora: an Unforgettable Online Event with Star Gifts and a Charitable Mission

новорічний корпоратив

organization of an online event The event was held online at the company’s office in Poltava and, despite the virtual platform, managed to bring together more than 5,000 employees and guests, creating the mood and atmosphere of a real holiday.

Organization of a Charity Event with Gifts

The peculiarity of Aurora’s New Year’s corporate party was not only its festive surroundings but also its charitable component. The hosts of the evening were the Space Force Veterans, who ensured a great mood and unforgettable moments. They actively interacted with the online audience, held raffles and giveaways, which added drive and energy to the event.

The Main Lots of the Charity Auction

The main focus of the evening was the charity auction, which featured unique items signed by famous stars. Among them:

  • Monatic’s sweatshirt signed “ART defense“;
  • Jerry Heil sweatshirt with the signature “Sendinghugs by mail“;
  • a backpack from Positive signed “Glory to Ukraine“;
  • a photo album by Anna Trincher;
  • a notebook from Yevhen Klopotenko signed “Everything will be Ukraine“;
  • a soft toy from the lead singer of the Kalush Orchestra, Oleh Psyuk.

A special lot was a collectible coin “Zmeinyi Island”, issued as part of the series “Historical Moments of President Biden” by Taras Panasenko, founder of Aurora.

Charitable Mission: Support for the Zemlyachki Foundation

The main goal of the event was to raise funds for the Zemlyachki Foundation. This project is aimed at supporting Ukrainian women defenders by providing them with winter uniforms and other necessary items.

Thanks to the active participation of employees and guests of the corporate event, we managed to raise UAH 75,125.74, which was a significant contribution to the support of the fund and its charitable missions.

Our Experience in Organizing Corporate Events with Stars

We have many years of experience in organizing such events, so we carefully planned every aspect of the New Year’s corporate party for the Aurora multimarket chain, from choosing a platform for online broadcasting to coordinating performances and an auction.

Organization of New Year’s corporate events is always a challenge, especially in an online format. However, thanks to our close attention to detail and the active participation of all those present, the event became a vivid example of how such events can unite people for important social projects. This celebration has demonstrated that organising an online event can be successful and effective, especially when it comes to corporate evenings with a charitable component and celebrity guests.

We look forward to new opportunities for cooperation and creating unforgettable events for you. Contact our event agency to organise the perfect corporate event, regardless of format or scale.

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